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O'Trolley is born !

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

O'Trolley - What is it ?

Our vision

O'Trolley is a collborative project by moth sailors who think thatit's not normal to damage their back or their boat during launching or recovery.

Putting a Moth, Waszp or One Fly in the water is stressful and inevitably results in damage to Tramps, Wings Bars, hull, Wand & bowspirit or even the top of the sail.

That's why we created O'trolley !​

A simple, robust and quick-to-use solution.

A trolley that can be used in all conditions.

A unique trolley for all boats.

Project team

Neil O'Toole - Creator and designer

Mechanical Engineer and Moth Sailor.

Born, live and sail from Dublin Ireland. Created the original prototype of the aptly named “O’Trolley” after damaging his back lifting his moth up the slip in 2018.

Fernando Lodos - Project manager and designer

Born in the Canary Islands a while ago, is a passionate engineer and sailor.

He has been living in La Rochelle France the last 18 years, combining work and sailing.

His engineering consultancy ( opened the gate to the IKUAL Moth project.

Jean Darnaude - Marketing and communication

The French-man of the team ! He lives near La Rochelle where he met Fernando.

He is an information system consultant.

Sailing for more than 20 years on all types of boats.


Our design

The trolley is designed by sailors for sailors.

Our goals is to have a durable solution to fit all boats.

It's composed of 3 parts:

  • 1 support in aluminum

  • 2 steel axle in stainless steel axle

  • 2 plastic wheels with stainless steel bearings

It's very simple to assemble and made with durable materials for marine conditions.

A unique solution for safely launching, moving and recovering a winged foiling boat :

  • Moth : Mach 2, Exocet, Rocket, Xploder, Vodoo, Ikual, Bieker,...

  • Wazsp

  • One Fly


Special offer for Foiling week and European Moth

The official public launch will take place at the Foiling week and then at the European championships in France.

On this occasion we will offer you free shipping costs, which represents a saving of around €100.

To benefit from it, you must place your orders before May 15th.

To find out more, we invite you to contact us on our email : or consult our webshop.

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