Tired of damaging your boat and your back ?
We have a better & safer solution for moving it !


Our vision

Putting a Moth, Waszp or One Fly in the water is stressful and inevitably results in damage  to Tramps, Wings Bars,  hull, Wand &  bowspirit or even the top of the sail.

That's why we created O'trolley !

A simple, robust and quick-to-use solution. 

A trolley that can be used in all conditions

A unique trolley for all boats

F. Lodos, J. Darnaude, N. O'Toole




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OTrolley C7D2 Specifications-3
OTrolley C7D2 Specifications-3

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O'Trolley - Design
O'Trolley - Design

This images are digital renders, the final product may present some different details

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The trolley is designed by sailors for sailors.

Our goals is to have a durable solution to fit all boats.


It's composed of 3 main parts:

  • 1 marine aluminum support

  • 2 stainless steel axles

  • 2 tireless wheels 'Sandhopper'

Easy to assemble .

Durable materials for marine conditions.


A unique solution for safely launching, moving and recovering a winged foiling boat : 

  • Moth : Mach 2, Exocet, Rocket, Xploder, Vodoo, Ikual, Bieker,...

  • Waszp

  • One Fly

Manufacturing and logistic

Recam Laser , society specialyzed of metal processing since 1988, based in Barcelona.

They master an interesting number of industrial technologies, providing an excellent global service.

Recam Laser is well known by their reactivity, thus working on exciting projects with firms around Europe.

Their strategical position in northern Spain makes Recam an excellent partner for industrial solutions.



Thomas Proust

Great trolley simple to set up. Super cool for moving your boat. Great invention


Super chariot simple de mise en place. Super cool pour déplacer son bateau. Super invention





More tutorials soon ...

How to hold O'Trolley

How to hold O'Trolley

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Security specifications

O'Trolley is a product exclusively designed to use for sailing dinghies with wings with a total maximum weight of 60 kg.

O'Trolley is to be used exclusively to launch & recover sailing dinghies with wings, using available ramps/Slipways  or beaches.

O'Trolley is not intended for object or person transportation.

Always use the O'Trolley inline with the instructions in the user manual.

O'Trolley is a rolling object. Never leave it  without blocking the wheels. Make sure that both wheels are blocked to withstand any possible unintended movement. 

A winged boat presents a vulerable surface to the wind.

Never leave your boat alone when on her wings (and mast).

The boat on her wing presents a big surface to the wind. Always put the surface of the wings at 90 +- 10° to the direction of the wind.

O'Trolley fits multiple types of dinghy wings with the following dimension range:

  • Overall wing thickness < 83 mm

  • Overall wing length < 1900mm, measure 140 mm from the wing edge

The rolling surface has to be smooth enough to respect O'Trolley’s clearance (35mm).

Use on an unsmooth surface may be difficult, resulting in damage to the trolley and cause unintended sudden stops.

Always avoid hitting any object, person or animal with the external faces of the trolley to avoid damage.

Avoid handling the edge of the aluminium profile. Swift and/or powerful actions may be dangerous.


Not respecting these recommendations may cause serious material damage or personal harm !